**Our congress meets associate professorship and incentive criteria.**

Your abstracts that you sent to the congress e-mail address (togusiddetcongress@gmail.com) will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee referees, without seeing the name and institution of the presenter, and will send acceptance / rejection responses. Full and summary text papers which are accepted will be included in the booklet with ISBN. The articles approved and accepted by the editors and referees will be published as a book chapter in MEYAD ACADEMY Journal in the national refereed TR index or in Ankara Nobel Medicine Bookstores, one of the international publishing houses. Accepted full text papers will be rearranged by the authors according to the spelling rules of publishing houses and journals. Congress proceedings booklet should not exceed 8 pages except for full text research articles, reviews and case reports. The text should be limited to 15 sources. In addition, plagiarism report not exceeding 20% should be attached. The writing language of the papers is Turkish or English.

Papers that are not presented in the congress although the paper has a summary or full the text will not be included in the congress booklet.
Our paper registrations have started and are continuing.
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